Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ed and beans

Did you hear the one about Ed Martin?

Yeah, that Ed Martin. Matt Blunt’s Jeff Rainford.

The guy who used to go on Mark Reardon’s show on KMOX as the red-meat Republican paired with the light-weight “Democrat” that was T.D. El-Amin - before T.D. took a bribe on the wire and took a fall.

The guy who suggested that every Mexican working on the roadside in Missouri was liable to be an illegal immigrant.

The dude who put out the Swift Boat-esque hit on Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.

Yeah, that guy. He is running for U.S. Congress! In Dick Gephardt's old district!

Yeah, we know, that’s a good one.

Martin’s campaign sent out a press release stating that he was hosting a low-rent, pork-and-beans, bring-your-own-beer fundraiser yesterday, to coincide with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi coming to town to raise funds for the incumbent Congressman Russ Carnahan.

Get it? Pork, beans and bring-your-own-beer?

Like, pork. Like, government insider favoritism.

Like, BYOB. Like, the average nobody Joe Six Pack with no money to speak of, just a steel jaw and the urge to take back his country from the slick rich people with the black president.

Like, bullshit.

When an attorney who has run a state government and participated in raising millions of political dollars tries on the hardhat of populism, we are in for some really hilarious political theater.

At least he doesn’t have to change his name from “Addison,” like Congressman Joe “You Lie!” Wilson did.

Forget the pork and beer, though. I'd like to call attention to the beans in this recipe.

We all know one notorious digestive consequence of consuming beans. The things Martin expresses in that respect after his little faux populist party are likely to be as believable and valuable as what words comes out of the man’s mouth on the other end.


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Image from Uncyclopedia.

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