Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some songs you can mostly blame on me

Heidi Dean, Adam Long and I are reconvening another Three Fried Men, now called Three Fried Chamber Players so we can get away with sitting down while we play.

Half of the songs will be Heidi's, and half of my songs will be poetry scores, but I'll seize the opportunity to strum and croon a few I wrote myself or with a friend or found somewhere along the road.

Like other songwriter-archivist-packrats of a certain age, finding my old recordings involves heroic acts of archaeology performed in unhealthy basements.

I'm blogging this stuff to make it easier to find next time - and easy to pass onto my fellow chamber players (Heidi, Adam, Dave Melson, Tim McAvin, Josh Weinstein) this time.


Embryonic version of the closest thing to a "rocker" I have in me as a chord chopper. Can't hear the incipient rock from this songwriting tape.

First song I ever wrote all by my lonesome in Eleanor Roosevelt's version from Walker with his head down.

Written from a big brotherly perspective I never got to experience in real life. This includes a rare appearance of a bar chord in my songsmithing.

An Adam Long favorite. The groovy guitar part and licks belong to Lij, who strummed this out in a car park on a field recording trip. Dave or Tim would have to learn all that.

"Charming Betsy"

An Appalachian standard I learned from Bascom Lamar Lunsford's Memory Collection, archived at Mars Hill College.

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