Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grassroots rise up against Rex's tax code havoc

Finally, some grass-roots mobilization against Rex Sinquefield's "wonk in space" effort to wreak havoc on our tax codes and the basis for our vital public services.

Press release from a new coalition calling itself "United for Missouri’s Priorities".


St. Louis Fire Fighters, City and Community Leaders To Hold Press Conference Friday To Call On Voters To DECLINE TO SIGN Petitions To Repeal Earnings Tax

Billionaire’s initiative will force massive cuts to public safety and needed services in St. Louis

St. Louis – Citing the massive cuts to public safety and city services that will result from the repeal of St. Louis City’s earnings tax, local fire fighters, elected officials, and community leaders will join together tomorrow, Friday, February 26, to call on voters to Decline To Sign petitions that will put on the November ballot an initiative eliminating the City’s earnings tax.

“This dangerous and misguided initiative to eliminate over one-third of the funding St. Louis needs for basic services like fire fighters and police officers will devastate our city. It will devastate public safety,” said Tony Kelley, Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters.

“So we have come together to call on voters to Decline To Sign any petition for a ballot measure that will eliminate the earnings tax and gut funding for public safety in our great city.”

The ballot initiative, being pushed by a billionaire who recently moved to Missouri, would eliminate the existing earnings tax with no replacement funding. According to a fiscal note sent by the City of St. Louis in response to the ballot initiative petitions being filed, eliminating the earnings tax without a replacement “would result in cuts to public safety services so deep as to end the City’s viability as a place to live, work and visit.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 01/10/10)

Information for Friday’s press conference follows:

Who: St. Louis Fire Fighters, elected officials including key members of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, and community leaders

What: Press Conference to ask voters to refuse to sign petitions for the ballot initiative eliminating the earnings tax

When: Friday, February 26 at 9:00 a.m.

Where: St. Louis City Hall Rotunda – 1200 Market Street


The image is of Rex with his pet politician, St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While I am a democrat, I do plan to sign the petition to eliminate the tax.

Any student of economics will tell you that taxes only harm the potential for increased economic benefit of all parties.

While I have generally found your opinions to be insightful, I believe your opinion in regards to this topic is off-base and displays a misunderstanding of the consequences of taxing the public.