Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two prints by George "Dak Maverick" Davidson of Athens, Georgia

Big event for me: the arrival in the mail today of two prints from my friend George Davidson. This is a detail from one of the prints, "Feels Like 2nd & Beale".

Another detail from "2nd and Beale". The prints are signed with an allusion to George's artistic alter ego, Dak Maverick.

I love this streetscape imagery of some Memphis of the mind. George did his hard time in Memphis, though he is from Charlotte, North Carolina and lives now in Athens, Georgia, where I found him years ago (long story).

Here is a slightly skewed look at the entire print, "Feels Like 2nd & Beale", signed and numbered 30/32. I was standing with one foot each on two stools with this spread out on the kitchen table when I took the picture. The prints are huge.

Fervent singing from the soul in a detail from the other print that arrived today, "Rabbit Foot Diva", a title that reflects Dak's genuine feel for the mystical folklore of the South.

Another detail from "Diva". Lots and lots of primitive musicmaking in George's imagery. George himself plays wicked saxophones, in various and shifting musical settings in Athens, which doesn't have quite the jazz scene he needs to nurture this aspect of his being.

This detail from "Diva" takes in some other core icons from Dak's visual lexicon: dice and playing cards, the element of chance as explored and exploited by gamblers.

"Rabbit Foot Diva" in its entirety, signed by the artist and numbered 13/41.

I have written about George on here several times before; here is this blog searched for his name, if you want to read more.

I love this cat, this dog; this friendship has done us both a lot of good over a pretty long span of years now. I also am incredibly fortunate that every so often Dak decides to archive some of his work with me. I will cherish and display it.

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