Friday, March 30, 2012

Reading at The Royale: eight poets & a sculpture

Noah Kirby's sculpture With Solid Stance and Stable Sound inhabited by Chris King at Laumeier Sculpture park's The Platforms performance. Photo by this guy I know Sean from Twitter.

There will be a free live poetry performance 7-9 pm Wednesday, April 4 in the courtyard of The Royale public house, 3132 South Kingshighway.

Starting at 7 pm and performing for 15 minutes each in this order will be:

Aaron Belz
Jazzy Danziger
Uncle Bill Green
Devin Johnston
Chris King
Stefene Russell
Stephanie Schlaifer

Brett Lars Underwood

with the option that our traveling poet, Belz, do a brief second set at the end if people come late and miss the guest of honor.

I don't know all of these poets, but I did build links that are hyper into each of the names, so you can read more by or about us.

There is an added feature. Our arts organization Poetry Scores is curating Noah Kirby's sculpture With Solid Stance and Stable Sound for 2012, and it currently is curated into The Royale's courtyard. Poetry Scores translates poetry into other media, and we encourage the poets to perform at least one of their poems through Noah's sculpture.

I think we'll eventually count this as the opening reading of a 2012 Poetry Scores Reading Series. Our board has agreed to doing a reading series based around Noah's sculpture, which engages our mission of poetry entering another medium. But Belz just dropped this availibility on us at the next to last minute, so we slapped together a reading potluck-style.

Again, the reading costs no cash money, though some of us will hawk books. Publican Steven Fitzpatrick Smith will operate a bar and food service as only he so stylishly can. Belz starts prompt at 7 p.m. -- don't miss him!

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