Sunday, June 24, 2012

Satan confirms quote about Suicide being on Sandusky watch

It was especially odd to see Satan at the Firecracker Press' 10th anniversary party yesterday.

I don't carry the internet around on my phone, so before leaving the house I typical check in on my social media networks for news and gossip. As I was leaving for Cherokee Street yesterday, everywhere I looked I found the headline, "Lawyer says Sandusky on suicide watch."

I gave that some thought. For a moment, I saw it from the other side.

So I wisecracked on Twitter, "Satan says Suicide is on Sandusky watch."

That sounded more like it.

Once I found myself in the company of actual people, I tried this line out on people. I embellished it in grotesque ways I'll choose not to publish at this time. I got a few grim laughs.

Then Satan himself appeared.

What in the Sam Hell? When do you have a fake Satan quote on the tip of your tongue and find the Source himself to check your facts with?

So I pulled Satan to the side, ran through it all, and asked him to confirm the quote.

Satan nodded, gravely, in the affirmative.


Photo courtesy of Firecracker Press. The guy in the Satan costume is, inevitably, an intern.

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