Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bootblogging #6: the silly side of The Lettuce Heads

I myself don't have much of an ear for The Lettuce Heads' sillier songs, maybe because I was on the road for years in a funny band and have had enough of that stuff to last a lifetime.

But my old friend Heather Crist, beautiful Cicero's barmaid from back in the day, has been checking out my Bootblogging series, including the two Lettuce Heads posts, and she says she wants to hear "Catfish Hank".

I take requests - especially from beautiful former Cicero's bartenders from back in the day. This one is for Heather. Tip your bartenders.

Free mp3s

"Catfish Hank" (Mike Burgett)

"1,000 Legger" (Carl Pandolfi)

"Nashville" (Mike Burgett)

The parenthetical names refer to the respective songwriters. The other band members are Jon Ferber (lead guitar) and drummer Johnny Marshall. Artist credit for all tracks, should some enterprising KDHX producer want to download and play, is The Lettuce Heads.

The Lettuce Heads have a gig at 9 p.m. this Friday, January 9 at The Schlafly Tap Room, 1221 Locust. Also on the bill: James Will and the Delusions of South Grandeur, and Last to Show, First to Go.

This free show will be preceded 7-9 p.m. by the inaugural Local Indie Rock Swag Swap Meet, where all those folks with a sleeve of shrinkwrapped CDs of a dead band or a box of T-shirts in their basement can get together and trade stuff. People in working bands are welcome, too; Thomas Crone and I will be spinning cassettes of dead local bands for the duration.

More free mp3s in this series

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Wanted to let you know I did an online follow-up to my American article: http://ybpguide.com/2009/01/07/undergraduate-research-its-a-good-thing/

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