Friday, July 4, 2014

Bootblogging #24: Three by The Modifiers

Chris Perry of The Modifiers

We made a record for Pops Farrar and used to offer it for sale on the internet. We'd fulfill a few orders a year, always from an Uncle Tupelo or Son Volt diehard who wanted to hear a record by Jay Farrar's father. One guy stood out.

I don't recall exactly how we got buddied up with this guy, Chris Perry of Boston, or why it happened so fast. But right off the bat, we were mailing precious photographs to each other and plotting road trips.

After our first trip to party with Perro (as we call him) at home in Boston, Joe Esser said, "This feels like a sock I have worn a zillion times." Perro and his spouse Esme have been deep in my heart ever since.

So, thanks, Pops -- again.

The first time I met Pops, I told him I wanted to come over to his house and record him singing and playing accordion and concertina. He said, "Why, Chris, don't just talk about it -- do it!" I did it.

Perro is very much like that. Near the end of Pops' life, he was among my closest friends. I often offered to share Pops with people, because it was essential to Pops' nature to share, but not everyone who would have benefitted took me up on the offer. Perro did it.

He and his buddy Mark drove to Belleville from Boston, stayed at Pops' spread and went native in what Pops called "the Belleville rainforest." I am sure that Pops remembered Perro until the very end.

Chris Perry does not push his band on you. But he leads a band, The Modifiers. I like his band.

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"I like her (band)"
(Chris Perry)
The Modifiers

(Chris Perry)
 The Modifiers
 (c) Chris Perry

(Chris Perry)
The Modifiers

Songs (c) Chris Perry


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