Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bootblogging #21: Eight by Jaime Gartelos

Jaime Gartelos!

Let's get some music out there.

This was 1999. The band name was Jaime Gartelos y l'a Orquestra Buena (got that?) and the name of the record is El Perfecto.

14 songs. It's all good. Perfecto? Close enough! Here is the best by me.

"Eyes to the Future"

"Emily Please"


"A Perfect Fool"


"Hands Make the Man"

"Sometimes My Head Keeps Me Up"

"I Dont Know"

All songs by Jaime Gartelos copyrightb 1999.

Produced and enginerred and mixed by Jaime Gartelos and Drew Haase.

Forgive me for musician credits for now.


Image is Jaime Gartelos' painting Grey Cups from his Flikcr site.

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