Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bootblogging #13: Solo Career live in Santa Monica

This is a cool thing and I hope fans of challenging skronky guitar rock find this and go forth and multiply with these free mps of Solo Career live.

We have here Solo Career recorded at Alligator Lounge (in Santa Monica) on February 3, 1997 onto good old cassette (ye olde condensor microphones).
The band that time:

Joe Baiza, guitar
Richard Derrick, bass
Mario Lalli, guitar
Bob Lee, drums

This gig was part of Nels Cline's "New Music Mondays" series, reports Richard Derrick. Richard has released the Solo Career record Season Finale featuring a different guitar line that includes Nels Cline, better known in the indie rock scene thanks to his joining Wilco.

Free mp3s
1) Squonky Jam 6.06
2) High Time 6.00
3) Burst Of E 6.12
4) Whole Tone 12-Bar Blues 5.38
5) Lonely Woman 7.32

Music courtesy of the band and it belongs to them; borrow with care.

Artwork, "Oh Restless Night," poached from the blog of Colin Michael Shaw.

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