Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nobody can find Jesus, isn't that right, Daddy?

My daughter looked at a crucifix hanging on the wall and said, "They have a fake one of those in every church, don't they, Daddy?"

I was walking her to her Sunday school class yesterday. I understand her, so I knew "fake" was not meant as an insult. She meant "fake" as opposed to the actual, real Jesus Christ, suffering on the cross on the wall.

I told her that was right, there is more than one crucifix replica in every church.

"That's because they can't find him," Leyla said. "Nobody can find Jesus. They go to the place where he is buried and they still can't find him, isn't that right, Daddy?"

What do you say to that? I honestly don't remember what I said to that.


Crucifix image from some Catholic blog.

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Tony Renner said...

Leyla has got to meet Fr. Terry Dempsey at MOCRA!