Friday, March 6, 2009

A confederacy of avatars

This is the artifact of an interlude.

We were in the recording studio, doing our thing. It got to be Beer:30, the time to enjoy an adult beverage and not twiddle knobs.

We went around the corner from the studio to a basement nightclub. Young's Double Chocolate Stout was on tap. It was like drinking brownies.

A new friend had a gig working a private party held in the club's public space. We were all happy to see each other, Three Fried Men and the new friend, so I can't vouch verbatim for the substance of her gig.

Seems difficult to figure this now, but I think she said it was a party for people too busy to manage their own social networking sites. I gather at this party these busy social networkers had the pleasure of meeting their web2.0 avatars.

I take it to have been a gathering of busy people and the people who blog, MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter on their behalf and in their names.

In the deep joy of relaxing with old creative partners and a new friend, I thought about the fictional richness of the new media generation.

What a peculiar premise for a novel or a movie, a party between busy (and, one suspects, monied) people and the people who play them on YouTube.

These were the badges Three Fried Men wore at the party.

We either do not social network online, or - as I do - we do it for ourselves. Call it DIY2.0.

Three Fried Men are not named Jake, not Michael, nor Tim Powers.


DaveM said...

As a Man who is Fried, I think I should have been there.

Mrs. Masala said...

Facebook avatars are probably not a bad idea now that there's a nasty new Facebook worm (the ineptly named Koobface).