Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Water Bread & Beer" tracklist, draft two

Not much came creatively out of two weeks in L.A. for me, though it was a family trip and I expected as much. Matt Fuller and I did come up with a tracklist for the next Eleanor Roosevelt record, Water Bread & Beer, which I posted early on in this journey.

After living with this for a dozen days and volleying various suggestions back and forth, we have added a song that Matt and I had excluded ("Grainery Light") and moved "James Brown Boulevard" up in the song order, which required some additional jostling for mood and tempo management.

Here is draft two of that tracklist:

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Water Bread & Beer
Eleanor Roosevelt

1. "Watch a cloud"

2. "Children's rain song"

3. "Wheelchair"

4. "Me as a horse"

5. "Pepper soup & local honey"

6. "James Brown Boulevard"

7. "Strangers & dangers"

8. "Grainery Light"

9. "Death & taverns"

10. "Tortilla"

11. "Girl from Central Maine"

12. "Seeds & shit"

13. "Nothing feels better than doing wrong"

14. "Pair of skunks"

15. "Head rolling down a hill"

16. "Dry Bones"

All songs by Matt Fuller, Chris King, Lij & John Minkoff, with some lyrics adapted from other sources (see previous post).

Eleanor Roosevelt is: Matt Fuller (drums, guitars, banjo, vocals), Chris King (vocals, guitar), Lij (banjo, guitars, harmonica, drums, lobster pot percussion, vocals), Dave Melson (bass), John Minkoff (guitars). With: Adam Long (cello), Geoffrey Seitz (fiddle), Heidi Dean (vocals), Jacob Lawson (violins), Nate Shaw (drums) and Joe Esser (bass).

Recorded and rough-mixed by Lij, here and there all over the country (that's another story!).

The previous post has information about lyrical sources for the other songs. As for "Grainery Light," I made it up about the grainery light in my hometown of Granite City, Illinois, and its role in the lives of the children who grew up in its shadow, as I did. I have never written a more autobiographical song.


That's my sketch of a beermaking (and drinking) scene from an ancient Mesopotamian cylinder seal - the sort of thing one destroys when one bombs Iraq. When I get home I'll scan and upload Matt's sketches of water bread & beer from back in the day, which hopefully he or Johnny will make the basis of a painting for the album cover.

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