Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Them rich folks think of everything (bathroom humor)

I'm usually not one for bathroom humor;I think it's fair to expect someone to outgrow that.

But I took this picture and I am posting it with the suggestion that you click to enlarge it and check out the options this system claims to provide.

I have never dreamt of a "full-service" commode, and I did not test this full range of services, though it's really something to think about.

Reminds me of the joke about the poor slob who pumped gas for the great golfer Arnold Palmer.

This joke dates from a period when golf was still considered "the bosses' game" and was not widely known outside of elite and elitist circles. Also the era of the ubiquitous gas attendant.

So Mr. Palmer pulls up to get some gas and leaves the usual stuff from a golfer's life behind in the car as he goes to use the men's room (more bathroom humor, it seems).

While scraping clean the windshield on Arnold Palmer's Cadillac, the poor slob notices a small wooden pin with a little cupped bowl on the top of it. He has never seen anything like it before in his life.

He is still thinking about it when the owner of the car (unknown to the poor slob) returns.

The poor slob, detecting a pleasant if evidently rich man, asks what it was, that wooden pin with the small rounded bowl on the top of it he had been looking at.

"Oh, that's a golf tee," Arnold Palmer says.

Palmer senses the guy doesn't know what he is talking about. So he grabs a tee off of his dashboard and tosses it to the attendant.

"We use it to put our balls on when we are driving," Mr. Palmer says, as he pilots his Cadillac away.

The poor slob is left looking at the wooden pin and thinking about what the man in the Cadillac had said.

"Them rich folks think of everything," he thinks to himself.


Photograph taken in Los Angeles County.


Colin said...

Not sure if I would push any of those buttons or not... might get a SURPRISE. Heh Heh...
My father will enjoy the joke, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Actually, these are supposed to be fantastic. They supposedly eliminate the need for toilet paper, and they feel great. Gaining in popularity in Japan, still about $5,000 in the States, I hear.