Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bootblogging #9: Adam Long presents The Imps!

St. Louis sound wizard Adam Long finally wrapped up his mix job on his latest Broadway Show, Ain't Misbehavin', this week - just in time to celebrate his amazing double whammy.

As I tooted some time back, not one but two records he recorded and mixed are up for Grammys on Sunday! In such wildly divergent genres as pop gospel and Broadway show recording!

This Friday, Feb. 6, from 9 p.m. to midnight, The Royale (3132 Kingshighway) will host a deejay spin in Adam's honor, playing only records he has recorded, mixed or mastered - a list that includes thousands of records in just about any genre imaginable, from traditional gospel to gangsta rap to classical harp to poetry score to melodic rock and roll.

The deejays: Matt Fernandes, of the Rock Candy blog on the Post website, and Dino NiCastro, drummer of The Imps.

The Imps are important, because they made what I consider to be the best rock record Adam ever recorded and mixed: innocence is full of pleasure (1997). I think I am an authority on this subject, since I produced or played on most of the other rock records Adam has done!

The face of The Imps' was (and is) Dino's cousin, the photographer Frank Di Piazza, who sang and fronted the band. The bassist (Steve) and guitarist (Mike) are listed only by their first names in the album credits, which include a "thank you" to me (you're welcome!), though I no longer remember what it was I did to deserve it.

Well, I do seem to have reviewed the record in another era of The Riverfront Times. Back then, I was saying:

As for Frank's voice, welcome to the innocent pleasure dome of '80s overseas pop before Hutchence noosed up, Morrissey ditched Johnny Mars and Bono got lost in the TV zoo: This kid has some of those stars' respective strut, moan and clarion call, plus the verbosity of a bookworm on an adrenaline high. Not that he has Hutchence's sex appeal, or Morrissey's moody focus, or Bono's intensity - not that he always has all that much to say, no matter how many words he has to sing (or, indeed, say - for a genuine crooner, Frank does a fair amount of rambling apart from melody). But speaking as one who was a painful example of a familiar type - the local frontman who can't sing - I rejoice to find somebody scuttling the streets of St. Louis with his band's new CD under his arm and a voice that might inspire a swoon.

That still sounds about right. What do you think? Hear for yourself!
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"Innocence is full of pleasure"
(The Imps)
The Imps

(The Imps)
The Imps

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parliament said...

Steve is Stephen Nowels of St. Louis Strings. Mike is Michael Grasso.