Monday, February 2, 2009

Let us dream, or we will commit felony and treason

So, I'm with Thomas Nashe, the place for me to be. A shit disturber and truth teller from back in the day.

From back in the 1590s in Shakespeare's England. A dissolute father of that bastard rhetorical form that is journalism.

I'm reading Pierce Penilesse, His Svpplication to the Divell (1592). I'm quoting.

I'm remembering my friend who gets caught up by ye olde spellings and printer habits. Notes on thus.

The letters u and v often were interchanged, like, for example: I loue yov, rather than: I love you. Also, lots of the letter e popping up after words, like wordes rather than words.

Have fun with it.

My boy Thomas Nashe:

Nor so, nor so, good brother bottle-ale, for there are other places besides where money can bestow it selfe: the signe of the smock will wipe your mouth cleane; and yet I haue heard yee haue made her a tenant to your tap-houses. But what shall hee doo that hath spent himselfe? where shall hee haunt? Faith, when Dice, Lust, and Drunkennesse, and all haue dealt vpon him, if there be neuer a Playe for him to goe too for his pennie, he sits melancholie in his Chamber, deuising vpon felonie or treason, and howe he may best exalt himselfe by mischiefe.

What the hell is he talking about?

This is a defense of Twitter, of FaceBook, of YouTube, of email, of television, of radio, of playes. Of PLAYS.

Plays were the popular thing, then, like radio, or television, or email, or YouTube, or FaceBook, or Twitter.

The new thing coming down the pike. The new dream.

Nashe was saying to the people that didn't want artists to have their playes (their radio, or television, or email, or YouTube, or FaceBook, or Twitter) that you've got to do something other than get us drunk!

You've got to let us dream!

Or you can expect felony or treason.

A shit disturber and truth teller!


Image from some student webpage.

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