Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dana Smith musician paintings going cheap

Self-taught St. Louis painter Dana Smith is trying to move some of his inventory. I'll try to help him out in a series of posts, starting with some really cheap paintings of musicians, including this one of Dr. Dog at Mississippi Nights (12x16, canvas board), which goes for $30 framed.

Here are some more, more or less in the order I dig them:

Kite Pilot at Radio Cherokee
10x14, canvas board
$25 framed

Say Panther at Radio Cherokee
9x12, canvas board
$20, framed

Jason at Penny Studios
10x14, canvas board
$25, framed

The Doxies in Their Living Room
12x16, canvas board
$30, framed

Andy and Brien at Lemmon's
10x14, canvas board
$25, framed

Chris and Gareth at Penny Studios
10x14, canvas board
$25, framed

Phonocaptors at the Hi-Pointe
(from their last show)
9x12, stretched canvas

You can contact Dana through his website if you're interested in getting one of these bargains. There are many more where they came from.

Also, you can probably make your deal tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 25) at his shop City Art Supply, which has an interesting live show at 8 p.m.: Robert Blake and The May Day Orchestra. I'm thinking to attend myself.


Colin said...

I want at least one of these, no shit. I've been watching him for awhile now. They are cool paintings- Dana is good.

Tony Renner said...

Dana also has an event tonight at City Art Supply:

Robert Blake @ City Art Supply tonight

>>Looks like it's going to be a nice mild evening for winter...if you're out and about, stop by City Art to see an acoustic performance by Robert Blake (http://www.sameroomrecords) with openers the May Day Orchestra (http://confluencecity.blogspot.com/2008/12/rakel-and-rat-take-on-haymarket-in.html).

>>We'll start around 8pm. Refreshments will be available and it's free to get in, but a donation to the traveling musician (Robert Blake) is encouraged.

City Art Supply
3215 Cherokee St
St. Louis, MO 63118