Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jon Cournoyer will have a side order of everything

Jon Cournoyer had a dream.

He dreamt that he was flying through the night skies. He was flying through the night skies on a sleigh. He was flying though the night skies with Lyndsey Scott on a sleigh.

They peered down and saw, in the distance, in the darkness, the universe. They descended toward it in the darkness, on the sleigh. As they neared the universe, Jon and Lyndsey, on the sleigh, they saw more detail. They saw that a child was holding the universe in his childish hands and eating it.

Jon woke from this dream and he made this print in an effort to understand his dream and bring with him from the dream a souvenir. And, so, the viewer, the world, sees the boy, devouring the universe, shrouded by beautiful and incalculable little things.

But Jon, the dreamer, remembers visions from the dream that he did not fashion into tangible reality. He remembers Lyndsey in a velvet cape, with turquois hair, and silver eyes.

"What I think," he said, "I can't say."


Photographs of the print "A Side Order of Everything," a detail from the print, and the artist are by me yesterday evening at the new Hoffman LaChance Contemporary space, 2713 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood.

Jon's piece is in the inaugural show in the new space which opens 6-10 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 13. Also in the show:

Brian Kuhlmann/Joslyn Beta Lawrence,
Jerald Ieans
Gina Alvarez,
Jim Daniels,
Jeremy Rabus,
Sarah Giannobile,
William LaChance,
Alicia LaChance
and Michael Hoffman.

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Colin said...

Jon does great work- I'm a big fan-