Thursday, February 26, 2009

Signed sketches of The Mayday Orchestra

We have here Tim, Matt, Brien, JJ and Joey of The Mayday Orchestra, sketched by me while performing last night at City Art Supply, and then chased down by me after their set so they each could sign their sketch.

Yeah, my computer with the scanner is on the fritz. Yeah, the photographing of the sketch is almost as lame as the sketches themselves. But I like doing it, it makes me happy.

This band is so incredibly good, even unrehearsed and laconic. I was so happy throughout their set and so proud of Tim Rakel's maturation. I have some reason to think of him as a little brother, a protege perhaps, though he long ago outgrew me.

I'll write more about the show and the music sometime when I have had some actual sleep. Maybe they will let me bootbloog a tune, as well. Tim was kind enough to bootleg their Haymarket record, which is scary good.


Colin said...

"I'm going to the grave for my crimes" ???!! Ha Ha Ha!

Confluence City said...

It's a line from a Mayday Orchestra song by Tim Rakel.

Rakehell said...

Hey Chris, thanks for coming to the show. The most appropriate behavior while watching a band play at an art supply store is to draw sketches of the musicians - thanks for that too.
Go ahead a post a May Day song on the blog, whichever you like. Those are unmastered mixes but who's going to notice. - Tim