Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fred Friction, Michael Friedman, Rough Shop tonight

We have here two-thirds of tonight's entertainment at The Tap Room, 2100 Locust, in a free show that should run from 9 p.m. to around midnight. This is Fred Friction and Michael Friedman, photographed fuzzily by me Monday at the Guitar Circle held in John Eiler's garage on South Grand, a psychically charged place for me - it served as the zombie green room when we made the movie Blind Cat Black, and it's where John and I sat out the storm of the first couple weeks of the worst of the worst news when he learned his daughter Sali had been killed in Oaxaca.

Rough Shop is the third group on the bill tonight. I would have expected John Wendland from Rough Shop to stop by the circle, he is a veteran of them, but he must have been busy being a grown man with a job, wife, and band, which leaves less and less time for staying up all night in a friend's garage on a Monday, drinking peach-infused moonshine and swapping songs with the boys and girls.

There were, indeed, girls at the circle (women, if you would like): Sunyatta Marshall, Heidi Dean, Jane Godfrey, Lyndsey Scott and some spectators - Stefene Russell (not in the mood to be a poet tonight), Dawn Majors, Pamela Raymond, Lauren Berger, Heather Corley. I tell you, the list of my female friends can beat up the list of anybody's female friends!

I am sure I will be carrying on about the Guitar Circle for awhile - after all, I have all of these new fuzzy photos of talented people I love - but this is just a quick post to get up here, fast, in the hope it brings some people out to the Tap Room tonight (Wednesday). I'll be there.

Though Rough Shop and Fred Friction are local, Fred's performance schedule is unpredictable (catch him when you can). As for Michael Friedman, though Roy Kasten made him two records with the best folk rock musicians in town, he is from West Virginia and now lives and teaches in North Carolina. Catch him when you can - tonight. Now.

I'll leave you with two lines by these two songsters I scrawled down Monday night when they sang them at the circle.

"I think the soul is an old junky. I think love is its smack." - Michael Friedman

"I'm only going through the motions til the oceans swallow me." - Fred Friction

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"Engaged to Get Divorced"
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Fred Friction
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Michael Friedman
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Cool of the Coming Dark

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