Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bootblogging #14: Four from The Funhouse (Seattle punk)

When I visited awhile back with Seattle superproducer Jack Endino, he was kind enough to send me away with several rare CDs he had produced. One was The Funhouse Comp Thing, which he had assembled and edited for Brian Foss.

Brian Foss runs The Funhouse, "Seattle's oldest surviving Punk Club," and produces the show Sonic Reducer on KEXP 90.3 FM. The Funhouse Comp Thing compiles one track each by 32 bands that have played in his club. It rocks pretty damn hard!

I contacted Brian and asked if I could bootblog some of my favorites and (in the niceness that seems endemic to Seattle, even its punk scene) he said, "Feel free to, thanks for asking!"

Here are four from the Fun House, with pictures; the above picture of the trio of feet goes with ...

The Unnatural Helpers
"Your Way Back Down"
(Dean Whitmore)

Picture from The Unnatural Helpers MySpace page.


The Trashies
"Get Daddy a Chicken Sandwich"
(The Trashies)
Picture from The Trashies MySpace page.


"Sno-King Kung Fu"

Picture from the Head MySpace page.


Gas Huffer
"Midnight at the Apollo 13"
(Gas Huffer)

Picture from the Gas Huffer MySpace page.


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