Monday, May 11, 2009

Dumpster-diving salonista salvages vampire scripts

I'll put this one out there as released. I have calls out to the salon owner in question and her attorney. If she is African-American, this is an interesting story for us at The St. Louis American. Either way, the mainstream media is likely to take a bite. After all, this is yet another chance for someone to say that GEORGE CLOONEY ACTED HERE!



A young and hip female owner of a St. Louis beauty salon has found herself the focus of attention by one the nation’s hottest motion picture studios.

Casey Ray, the owner of Salon K, a small beauty salon located in St. Louis’ trendy Loop area, found the movie scripts for New Moon and Memoirs, the sequels to the overnight vampire sensation, Twilight.

The scripts had evidently been left in St. Louis by actress Anna Kendrick, who had been in the Gateway City shooting the latest George Clooney film, Up in the Air. The scripts had been discarded and wound up being exposed in a Dumpster outside the Tony Hotel at which Kendrick was staying during the St. Louis shoot.

Ray spotted the scripts while waiting for her fiancé to get off work and recognized their potential value as collectibles. Having coiffed actors and actresses before performances in St. Louis, Ray was familiar with the look of a script.

After "shopping" the script to an "extremely interested" national tabloid, Ray consulted with her attorney, Albert S. Watkins, to address the legal issues which may arise from a deal of this nature. After evaluating the options, Watkins contacted Summit Entertainment, LLC, the studio producing New Moon and Memoirs.

In short order a deal was finalized. Ray returned the carefully guarded and undisclosed scripts to Summit and, in return, Ray and her guest will be invited to the premiers for both films, the after-parties, and, following the release of the films, she will receive the scripts she found, certified by the studio for authenticity, signed by the writer and lead actor and actress.

"Ms. Ray desired to take the appropriate steps with the scripts and not compromise the integrity of Summit’s motion pictures," said Ray’s attorney Albert Watkins. "Her honesty has been graciously rewarded by a grateful studio," he added.

"I am extremely excited and hope the films are blockbusters," concluded Ray.


Dracula Dumpster image from Johnny Cup Cakes.

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