Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Museum curates warped arm armor from hurt artist

I have a museum in my basement, neglected at the moment, where I archive, among other things, artifacts connected to my friends, many of them now dead, though not only.

This is the latest artifact I am curating into the collection. It most recently belonged to my friend Heather Corley, who is not dead, though she could be, and by virtue of the incident that turned this circular metal bangle into this sad shape.

But you should see what it did to her big armored tank of a car!

Looking at this devastated car - literally run over by a bigass trcuk - and then back at the terrorized, bruised, and burned (from the airbag) girl, the paramedic seized upon a piece of good news, in addition to the evident good news that she was alive, not dead.

"You got some good armor on, there," the paramedic said, referring to a sheath of some thirty-five bracelets she wears on her forearms.

The force with which her arm hit the driver car window upon impact shattered the plastic bracelets and warped the metals one, and all that absorbed and transformed energy is what kept her from breaking that arm.

Here is Corley in happier times:

I think we'll get that smile back, before too long. Right?

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Colin said...

Holy Toledo! Please send my best... glad she lived, Jeez! :(