Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mashing up Chaplin, the Symphony, Lola, Kyla & Captain Beefheart

At the risk of being pelted with rotten produce and sharp objects, I have to admit I have enjoyed 2010 and it has been a really good year for me, personally, perhaps my best year ever (personally); though out of respect for the frustration and pain felt by so many at this time, I'll not prattle on about that.

I would like to say that this upcoming Wednesday, December 29th, promises to be one of the best days - or, rather, nights - of a great year (for me, personally). Check it out!

Charles Chaplin's City Lights (1931) - my favorite movie, ever, on every favorite movie list I ever fill out - will be screened at Powell Symphony Hall (maybe my favorite venue in town), with Chaplin's own score for his silent film performed live by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (my favorite local band) under the direction of SLSO musical director David Robertson (my pick for best working artist in St. Louis [*SEE FOOTNOTE*]).

And then, by golly, I have plans to take to the concert maybe my two best new friends from good old 2010, Lola van Ella and Kyla Webb, better known onstage as Sammich the Tramp. I pulled every trick in my book to get Sammich up on the Powell stage to do some funny business before or after David strikes up the band; but was denied. This leaves room for improvement in 2011!

After the show, I (perhaps, we) will hightail it over to The Royale (one of my favorite public houses in St. Louis [**SEE FOOTNOTE**] to join in progress the Captain Beefheart Tribute Spin. I am co-hosting this spin with Natalie Partenheimer and Dale Ashauer, who will get started, with or without me, at 10 p.m.

Anyone who loved Beefheart's music can bring a record, or just a request. For those who associate Captain Beefheart with irritating, atonal, arhythmic nonsense, be there by 11 p.m. when I plan to give Clear Spot a complete spin. Any fan of rock music would love that record.


Close second for best working artist in St. Louis: the burlesque aerial duo Gravity Plays Favorites. If I have to go three-deep, third place goes to the poet K. Curtis Lyle.
My favorite public houses in St. Louis: 1) The Tap Room 2) The Royale 3) The Tap Room.

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