Tuesday, January 13, 2009

POTUS #26: Theodore Roosevelt, by Tim McAvin

Tim McAvin answered my call for new songs about U.S. presidents with the unpretentious gusto that he brings to most projects. He chose Theodore Roosevelt and approached him with the one-man-band concept, sort of Beatles in a box. Writing as a man who revels in pop music, Tim seized on an obvious rhyme (once you hear it!) with the subject's first name and came up with "We Adore Theodore."

Tim earns a living as a schoolteacher, and I remember him telling me when he first wrote and recorded this song that one of the other teachers heard it and wondered why he didn't make a living writing educational songs. Hearing it again tonight for the first time in a number of years, I wonder the same thing.

Tim is one of these protean characters who can do most any thing he puts his mind to. At the moment, he plays in Tight Pants Syndrome, is on hiatus on playing in Three Fried Men with me (again), and is doing who knows what all else. He's also one of my favorite painters and the artist I've collected more than any other.

Tim and I are on some kind of artistic holding pattern for life. Consider that his first gig as a musician was on the same bill as my first gig as a musician, going all the way back to something like 1987 at the old Bernard's Pub punk club - and we are still, somehow, in this thing together.

I think Tim is one of the most creative and least heralded artists working in St. Louis today - in any medium. Or, in his case, in all media.

Free mp3

"We Adore Theodore"
(Tim McAvin)
By Tim McAvin
Produced by Tim McAvin


Image of Theodore from old-picture.com.


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pmirkin said...

Good song. Keep on boppin.

Unknown said...

Isnt he a chiropractor, and didnt he move his practice outside of the us?!