Friday, July 18, 2008

Jenna live at Chick Poets

The one public segment of The Monastic Retreat, Chick Poets Saturday in the garden at The Royale, has a volunteer for opening "Chick Poets": Jenna Bauer.

Jenna, a painter by vocation, will read from a three-ring binder of poems that date from a period of her many ever-shifting endeavors that she was a performer of poems.

Since the Retreat is a core texts endeavor intended to form a New Monastic Canon (or cannon), it is all good that Jenna is not reading Jenna in the garden on Saturday.

This event is under the radar of Royale proprietor Steve Fitzpatrick Steve and will be a hushed and unamplified experience off to the corner somewhere.

This will be one of the last chances to cherish Jenna in the flesh before she transitions to The Hudson Valley and the friendship circle of the mighty Melina Rodrigo.

Local genius Stefene Russell is the Chick Poets headliner. As her work is already cannonical (or cannonical), Stefene is expected to read from her own ouvre and who knows what all else.

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