Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shift change at Schlafly Tap Room

I heard last night at a different beer-centric venue that the Schlafly Tap Room and its most recent kitchen manager/chef Clint Whitemore have parted ways.

Andy White, lately of Off the Vine, is stepping into Clint's scullery Crocs and donning his white apron.

No word yet on where Clint has landed. The guy could cook pretty much anywhere he wanted to cook. Maybe he will go back to his business plan and get his own place going, though the business climate seems forbidding for start-ups.

Scuttlebutt among Schlafly loyalists is that Clint is fated to be an executive chef, not a kitchen manager, and that the change will do him good. "Anybody can shuffle the papers," said one Schlafly stalwart. "Not everybody knows how to do with food what Clint knows how to do."

Andy White is a Tap Room regular and is expected to fold right into the kitchen, like sauerkrat on a turkey reuben.

We wish all of these gentlemen and establishments only the very best.


In the process of spoofing an image of The Tap Room to illustrate this bit of news, I found an archived copy of an old interview with Tom Schlafly I did for St. Louis Magazine. I think it holds up, though it's nothing next to Tom's monthly column, Top Fermentation.

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