Friday, July 25, 2008

Mayor Slay eats his own

I've spilled some pixels in a previous post about reluctantly learning the unsavory art of power politics to work in the Black Press in a politically fragmented and divided city like St. Louis. This gives me an interesting vantage point to observe the meltdown of Police Chief Joe Mokwa.

Calling out Mayor Francis G. Slay for his protectionist stance toward Mokwa has long been a staple of the political reporting and commentary in the St. Louis American. The people who talk to our paper about City politics are all fascinated that Slay has now been forced to call for Mokwa's "retirement" (Slay could have called it a "resignation").

This comes fast on the heels of Slay trying to smear Personnel Director Rick Frank with the blame when unions representing City employees raised hell with the mayor over a series of broken promises.

What fascinates our sources is that Mokwa and Frank have long operated deep within the system and know where many bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. Slay, his Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford and the rest of this sordid outfit have now resorted to eating their own to stay in power. Public cannibalism tends to make for a fascinating spectator sport!

The question is whether Mokwa and Frank get enough enticements to keep their lips sealed. Oh, what tales they could tell!


King_Torch said...

It is a beautiful sight. I think Slay's back-door real estate manipulation in North St. Louis alone is worthy of ouster. Mokwa won't be the last to go down within the year.....

Confluence City said...

I have heard several people ask, in powerful and mixed company, "Would it help if Jeff Rainford got a better job?" (They were always told YES.) When Slay chews off that leg, we'll know he's in real trouble. As for North City real estate manipulation, I'm in the tiniest of minorities who thinks the Francis Slay show has got to go, but we might all be better in the end if Paul McKee Jr. stays. I said MIGHT. Wait until his plans are made public. They are worth considering.