Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sarah Truckey is no turkey with that camera of hers

I am shilling for local photographer Sarah Truckey here, hoping somebody who honchos an art space in this town will be as blown away by her work as I am and contact her regarding a show. Please double-click on each of these images to savor them in a little more detail.

I have tried to organize this little flow of images to tell a story visually, playing off shapes and themes shared from frame to frame. I have also tried to suggest the range of what she can do (though her range is much wider than suggested here).

See? She can do food as Old Master painting, food as artifact, beer as food, man as artifact, man as clown, food as food, food as Naked Lunch, dinner as dinner, dinner as indictment of the suspicious interiority of women and the cowardly inaccesibility of men, family as symphony, family as Naked Lunch, bridge as landscape, bridge as poem, architecture as truth, beer tank as screaming shiny electric guitar solo, and beer tank as architecture.

Did I leave everything out? I left everything out. But Truckey didn't. She got it. She's got it all.

I was even present when she shot two of these images. I didnt see her do it. It couldn't have taken her long to do it. I don't know how she did that.

I pilfered these shots, among many just as compelling, from her Flickr site, where I am sure you can contact her after you get lost browing through her work. If not, contact me and I'll deliver Truckey to you. The only thing better than Truckey? More Truckey, with a real job in St. Louis.


More Truckey on Confluence City

Truckey and King on Meehan breakdown, river sunset
King and Truckey on Calhoun County landscapes
Character studies by Truckey and me
Me and Truckey on Brett's party bus sideshow

* p.s. I have no affiliation with Truckey and scarcely know the lass. Just an enthusiast.

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