Tuesday, December 16, 2008

King and Truckey on Calhoun County landscapes

Last week I was part of a mad but peaceable traveling feast up to the pensinsula of Calhoun County, village of Brussels, hotel of Wittmond's, birthdays of Brett Lars Underwood and Tony "Black" Diamond.

In between the eating and drinking, just about all of us were getting some kind of covert documentary act on. I kept a sketchbook. This barn is in a series of still lifes of mine drawn in the absence of something or someone, in this case, the blackberry pie I was waiting on for dessert. Previously, I have drawn still lifes without Barack Obama, without Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, without local pop star Bradd Young, and without my neighbor.

Sarah Truckey was not there with me on election night, in the circuit attorney's office, at Bradd's surprise birthday party, or in my driveway to take better pictures of what I was sketching, but she was on Calhoun with us. She took better pictures of whatever I was sketching, be it the characters on the journey, or the birthday boy clowning.

I have been following the photographs of the Truckey one, who seems to continue to labor under the illusion that she'll one day get paid for her spectacular photographs if she doesn't let guys like me lift them for free off her Flickr site.

Since I can't poach and post Truckey's photos in the key of my barn sketch, which I am trying to pass off here as a landscape, I am forced to link to them. Herrrrre's .... Truckey! On landscape!

* Water tower in the sky
* Wired little town
* The land is a woman is the land
* "Transients at speed"
* Little Portapotty on the prairie.

Regrettably, we near the end of the King/Truckey series, until we travel again. But stay tuned for: Truckey shot the sunset, but I sketched the malady that kept her on the peninsula until the sun set.

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