Tuesday, December 2, 2008

National props for local science blogger

Many of my friends are concerned with the eagerness I am bringing to blogging, particularly as someone who dismissed the form for years (and loathes the word "blog").

But I have always embraced self-publishing, you have to love the interactivity of the internet, and once I accepted that this form is nothing but self-publishing over the internet, I've become fiendish.

And collegial. Hence the pub here for local blogger Danielle Lee, whose science blog Urban Science Adventures! recently made the short list of 20 finalists in a national blogging scholarship competition sponsored by CollegeScholarships.org.
She is an UMSL graduate student, and this news comes from UMSL's crack PR staff, who describe Lee's blog as including "daily posts that feature photos and narratives about local wildlife sightings, trees, plants and other environmental education activities."

I won't have time to visit until after work, and I've not spoken to the almost-award-winning blogger, but the UMSL PR people did, and she told them, "I’m using my training in ecology and animal behavior research to share science with broader audiences."
Big congrats to Danielle.

Okay, I peaked at her blog. The lead post, as of now, is of two tom turkeys competing for the attention of a hen. This blogger has news chops - that's a seasonal hook there, what with the holidays and all.

If the St. Louis American could afford a Science page like The New York Times (my single favorite section in American journalism), my people would be talking to her people!

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