Friday, December 26, 2008

Chloe Day at Pop's Blue Moon Saturday at 8 p.m.!

We have here Chloe Day, one of her original works of art, and a detail of that work. The work in question is chalk on concrete on the floor of my basement, otherwise known as The Skuntry Museum, executed about this time last year (or was it the year before?) during one of Chloe's annual swings back home from Los Angeles, where she lives now.

She is coming home again and has a gig tomorrow night (Saturday, Dec. 27), an early show at Pop's Blue Moon, 5249 Patterson on The Hill. She goes on at 8 p.m., and it's a two-hour show.

I could carry on at great length about Chloe's music, but she works with my dear friend Meghan Gohil of Hollywood Recording Studio and together they have one of the more professional operations I have ever seen, which means there are readily available documents of what she does.

Try this video of an acoustic performance, and this video of a techno performance. I spoke with Meghan today (he is back in L.A.), and he said Chloe has had some trouble on the road with her gizmos, so I would expect more of an acoustic set at Pop's Blue Moon.

Chloe also has a MySpace page that is nearing a million profile views, which is a testament to the power of her music and (I'm going to go ahead and say it) the fact that she takes some promotional photos that verge on soft porn. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Chloe, I don't think I'll make it out tomorrow night (Saturdays belong to my five-year-old), and I'm sorry you won't make it out here to freshen up your chalk work, which is fading, as you can see, but not altogether past-tense faded. Next Christmas, let's do a guitar circle while you're in town, okay?

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