Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prayer for all women who ever ...

This blog post is for mature audiences only. Please stop reading if you're not one for frank discussions of adult themes. If you keep reading and you are offended, blame yourself and not me, okay? Thanks.

So, the other night, I got off work and went to the bar. I saw some friends. They were enjoying the company of some people I don't know. I joined them. We talked of poetry.

One of the folks I don't know offered me a french fry from his plate. I accepted his offer - never met a french fry I didn't like - and I did enjoy it, though the fries had gone cold.

Another person in the party remarked that he didn't like the fries in this pub. I said I never met a french fry I didn't like. Someone agreed with me, so I carried on to say it's the same with pizza and oral sex: there are no bad examples of any of these things.

General agreement. Ensuing conversation about oral sex. The group was mixed by gender, yet the conversation was comfortable - adult, rather than adolescent. Since this same group had started by talking about poetry, I said hold on. I'd like to read you a poem.

I rushed out to my car and grabbed a copy of my chapbook of poetry, A heart I carved for a girl I knew, and I read this poem to the group:


Prayer for all women
who ever gave good head
then woke to a bad man

By Chris King

Curling your toes
from the other end
of your legs ... warmth,

warmth, darkness, dawn,
damn, shame, shunned, your morning
-after-mouth heart.

To think I fumbled
at your buttons, belly,
the way boys like girls to do ...

You got more than your
back scratched and left me
with my itch and more

hungers. As sins against eternity
go, God knows your betrayal
is one mean misdemeanor,

hot groin and cold
shoulder, arched back and

I rode your cock
like a rocket,
made you see stars.

You left me
all alone
in outer space.


My chapbook is available at independent shops in St. Louis and wherever my car is parked. It's not all this nasty.


Photo by Monstromo.


nosey parker said...

This is by far the least nasty of what went on..hehe.

Confluence City said...

It was a very lively conversation - almost the last I had in 2008 and perhaps the best.

nosey parker said...

It certainly was a favorite topic of 2008. I wonder what's in store for 2009, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.