Tuesday, December 30, 2008

#1 song: "Creepy Part of Town" (free mp3)

We all have some holidays we like more than others, though I value play enough to say I never met a holiday I didn't like at least a little bit.

I have always liked Thanksgiving for the celebration (and abudant availability) of food. I like New Year's because I like the number 1 - only as lonely as you make it - and I like a fresh slate and a reminder of origins.

So, as we peer forward toward another New Year, another first month, first day of the year, another numero uno, I'll give those who want it one of my numero unos, the first song I ever wrote alone on a guitar, chords* and all. I personally think it's my best, still.

Free mp3

By Eleanor Roosevelt
Song by Chris King
Recorded and mixed by Meghan Gohil
From the record Walker With His Head Down

Wherever independents sell stuff like that in St. Louis
And wherever my car is parked

* Chords = F, C and G

Photo by Monstromo

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