Thursday, December 4, 2008

Approved: Robert Goetz and the art of hate

My buddy and co-conspirator in the arts Robert Goetz has a number of interesting photographs in a show, Approved, opening 6-10 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 5) at a new art gallery admirably known as Good Citizen, located at 2247 Gravois.

I previewed Goetz's contributions to the group show this Monday night while working on a poetry score at his house. Goetz is not the most glib self-promoter - mystery (maybe shyness) is part of his mojo - but I gather his contributions to this show are part of his ongoing Hate project.

That includes this photograph he took of Ross (last name unknown). It's not that Goetz hates Ross - quite the opposite is true - but that Ross facilitated a major operation in the Hate project (I think I am getting this right) - namely, when Goetz and other artistic allies detonated a vehicle that was playing on its car stereo his songs of hate at the time of explosion.

Other Goetz images in the show include the ill-fated vehicle being moved into its blasting space and its scorched remants after the blast. He also is including other photographic documents of that fiery day, including bad art in some store they stopped at on the way to the blasting place and another image that includes Goetz himself that I like to think of as "Party with the Artist".

Come party with the artist this Friday at Good Citizen. Also in the show and (one presumes) the house on Friday: Josh Avery, Barb Bondy, John Cross, Katherine Fields, Ron Fondaw, Amanda Gray-Swain, Remy Hanemann, Andrew James, Mark Jeffrey, Khara Koffel, Noah Kirby, Elizabeth Kronfield, Grahame Lynch, Keny Marshall, Carin Mincemoyer, Heather Muise, Alison Ouellette-Kirby and Matthew Wicker.

If (like this daddy) you miss the opening, gallery hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, noon-5 p.m. or by appointment (314-348-4587). The show closes January 3.

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