Monday, December 22, 2008

Surrealist opens antique toy store in Sunset Hills

"What's a poor boy to do," sang Mick Jagger, formerly of The London School of Economics, "but sing for a rock and roll band?"

And what's a St Louis surrealist to do but open a storefront to sell antique, misfit, and forgotten toys?

Welcome to Andy's Toys; proprietor, Andy Tolch, otherwise known as the Surrealist painter Andrew Torch. The store is located at 11624 Gravois Rd. in the Sunset hills, ZIP 63126 and telefono 314-503-5869.

I'm not one to foist Christmas shopping upon folks, except in a former life if someone paid me to dish out some special section holiday copy for a choice price, but if you have that cranky eccentric antique toy collector on your list, I think Andy's Toys is a good place to look.

Faithful readers, God help you, of this blog may recall that Andy bought my sketch of astrophysicist to the stars Neil DeGrasse Tyson, that Andy contributed to the 2008 Poetry Scores Art Invitational, that Andy had a short story published in a book of Surrealist tales, and that I sketched Andy drinking beer with Greg Edmondson, aka Ichobod Crane The Lizard on the High, High Rock.

In the spirit of Torchian Surrealism, I wish you an aarvdark paring hyena nails upside down in a waterfall of molten Pez dispensers Christmas!

1 comment:

nosey parker said...

I got dibs on those Slow-poke
Rodriguez drinking glasses.
"Hey forgot the tabasco sauce".
The Mexican Bat Woman is also
quite tempting.