Saturday, December 13, 2008

Character studies by Truckey and me

This is the second posting in a series, "Sarah Truckey takes better pictures than I make drawings, but at least we run around with some of the same people." Subtitled, "Truckey, lighten up, and let people download and share your pictures already, so I'm not resigned to just embedding a bunch of links and making the people click back and forth, back and forth."

Okay. Character studies. I drew Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, not terribly well, talking about his frustrated attempts to mentor a young man he knows through boxing. Truckey photographed me pointing out how I botched the jawline.

I sketched Steve Green, the fancy beer scene's one resident scary right-wing Republican, talking about how he stupidly (in his own judgment) voted Yes on whether or not Illinois should have a new Constitutional Convention. (The measure was defeated.) Truckey did not, so far as I can tell, document Steve Green, but she took much better pictures of equally or more rugged looking men on the journey:
* Defeated-looking old men wait for beer at bar

The journey in question took a rather large contigent of denizens from the St. Louis bar and restaurant scene up to Wittmond's Hotel in Brussels, Illinois, on the peninsular Calhoun County, the "East Side" that is actually west of St. Louis, native grounds of birthday boy Brett Lars Underwood, to celebrate said birthday and that of Tony "Blood" Diamond.

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