Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free lesbian legal thrillers for the price of a review!

I'm looking for some help here.

What I need is a little relief from a minor but nagging portion of guilt. What you would get out of it is free local (St. Louis) lesbian legal thrillers.

What I would ask back is a review of the book or books you take off my hands, so I can post ir or them here and email that link or links to my friends, as I do from time to time, internet pest that I am.

The author: Terri Breneman. She knows her stuff. She is an attorney in the Federal Public Defender's Office in St. Louis who has an ongoing series of novels (The Toni Barston Series) published by a bona fide publisher (Bella Books).

Why do I have her books, and why do I feel guilty about it?

I have a drinking buddy who is friends with her boss. Since the condition of being a drinking buddy is transitive (if A enjoys drinking and bullshitting with B, and B enjoys drinking and bullshitting with C, then most likely A would enjoy drinking and bullshitting with C), I have drank and shot the bull with her boss.

I did enjoy it. Plan to do it again.

By the way, this man has the greatest name, ever, for a federal public defender: Lee T. Lawless.

Brother Lawless mentioned, in passing, that an attorney in his office writes lesbian legal thrillers. (Public defenders have more amazing things to toss out than most of us do.) Of course, I said I must know about this person, and he put us in touch.

At the time, I had more time to write for other publications, more patience to pitch other editors on my ideas (I became an editor precisely because I hate pitching stories - it's so much more work than writing them!) and magazines seemed to have more money to pay freelancers. So I had this little thing on the side with St. Louis Magazine, which seems to have gone the way of all freelance writing connections.

So this nice lesbial legal thriller author sent me several of her novels to read in preparation for a possible magazine feature about her, and by the time I got around to reading the newest of them, Compulsion, all Terri got out of the deal was a snippet review on my then-fledgling blog.

Now that this blog has something approaching an audience of respectable size, I thought I should bring this back up and offer her books to readers of lesbian legal thrillers - or readers of anything who want to try something new.

Who wants some books? I know they are around here somewhere! The books, that is. You want them, you got them. Just write about it for the people. Tell the people about Terri.


joewetteroth said...

Hey remember me? I read patchen at the day of the dead beats. I'll review one of those books! get ahold of me at the_unfortunates@hotmail.com. Plus I still need to mail you some records from the band I was in.

Confluence City said...

Joe, I sent you an email, cool.

Confluence City said...

The book is in the mail!