Wednesday, December 3, 2008

City's top cop is a blogger

I have added to my "Feed Me" blogroll, to the right, a new blog that I'll be reading regularly, which I like to call Top Cop Dan Isom. This is, of course, the blog maintained by the new Chief of Police for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Dan Isom.

Chief Isom is an educated and intelligent man, and I expect no less from his blog (the early posts do not disappoint). I even expect him to write his own blog, which is more than one suspects of the "blog" maintained on Mayor Francis G. Slay's campaign site, which has the bad odor of former PR hack campaign manager Jeff Rainford and current PR hack Richard Callow.

That said, what we'd all really like to read is the secret diary kept by Isom's predecessor, Joe Mokwa, but that's probably socked away in a shoebox somewhere along with a large wad of cold cash.

If the IRS ever finds such a shoebox, let's hope Police Commissioner and Mayor Slay faces the klieg lights, not Dan Isom. But don't bet on that. The mayor only selectively takes any responsibility for being "the boss" - like, when a black fire chief doesn't do what he is told.

The St. Louis American reported on Isom before he got the top job. He is a graduate of UMSL's stellar criminology program, which Bill Beene has covered for us. The photo of him, above, was taken by staff shooter Wiley Price to illustrate Bill's UMSL criminology story back in April.

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