Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anything but an error, and just the opposite of fatal

Late last night gave me several reasons to feel good to be alive. Here is one.

I was getting out of my car in the South Grand neighborhood to see Dave Stone's trio at Mangia. In the car, I had been listening to the extraordinary 2005 solo record by Jack Endino, the legendary Seattle producer and guitarist in Skin Yard and Kandi Coded. Endino had given me that record, Permanent Fatal Error, and several others when I visited with him last Saturday evening at his Soundhouse Recording studio.

Endino took the call. He was in the studio, but said he was comp'ing drum tracks and had a minute to talk. I thanked him effusively for his record, the Kandi Coded demo, The Funhouse Comp Thing punk anthology and the test pressing of Chad Channing's debut record with his band Before Cars.

These are all amazing records - I will return to all of them, and to my visit with Endino, on this blog - and I felt particularly honored to receive them as gifts from the man who produced them (and so many other great records, including the earliest Nirvana recordings).

That was nothing to me, though, compared to what came out of Endino next, after we had finished talking about the music.

"I saw the blog about your daughter - that was hilarious!" he said.
He had to mean my post yesterday about the tot's despair when she pushed me to look at the visitor numbers for her new blog and I discovered that I had been her sole visitor that day.

I loved the thought of Jack Endino interacting with Leyla's blog, and I had the distinct sense he was rooting for her. I very much like that sort of thing, when artistic appreciation gives way to an ordinary human connection. Makes me glad to be alive and doing what I'm doing.


The Endino MySpace page currently has a nice selection of tracks from Permanent Fatal Error. It rocks so damn hard! Picture of Edino by my friend Ranee Ruble in his studio last Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I like your stories about Endino. In one of them you said there was going to be an anniversary edition of Bleach. I haven't heard anything about it though. Are you being serious about it? If so, why hasn't it been announced yet?

Confluence City said...

Thanks, you encourage me to post some more about him.

Soon after we visited and I posted this, he wrote to me and said, like most things Nirvana, the Bleach reissue had become bogged down with the lawyers.

I'll try to get an update from him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I hope he can give you some kind of update. I was really looking forward to this release. I'll check for updates here. You can also e-mail me at Cheers!