Monday, April 6, 2009

Death and the mariachi

"They didn't like my music. I'm ending it all ..."

This was the thought bubble ad-libbed by my new friend Crane as we saw this mariachi peering over the edge at Redondo Beach, as if contemplating sending himself and his fiddle over.

I thought it was kind of funny.

At the time, we were enjoying delicious beers and fried food at Naja's Place.

Crane and his old friend Richard Derrick are regular contributing musicians to Poetry Scores, the arts org I cofounded that translated poetry into other media.


Crane said...

You were definitely in the "right place at the right time" to have captured such a "thought provoking" image (on a "Throw-Away-Camera" nonetheless :) Kudos!

That dude was definitely contemplating something "Big Time" below the walking path which we all shared as our "Collective Physical Reality"........

Another thought came to mind as I looked at this now frozen image in time..,perhaps he was spacing out at the dancing sunlight on the water which then began to swirl around and around which then opened another dimension where beautiful mermaid voices beckoned him to jump in with them with their moaning chanting chorus of, "We love your music! Won't you come play your wild gypsy violin for us to dance to? Pleeeeese!"

But after his deep pondering of such a "Fantastic Fun Frolic" wore-off, he suddenly came to a conclusion that forced him to yell out loud, "Oh my God! I wouldn't jump into that polluted harbor even if my life depended on it! Sorry girls, you pick a better vortex for me to join you in...sometime in the near future of course."

Confluence City said...

Crane, that is awesome.