Thursday, April 30, 2009

He had eight dollars to his name and he sent us one

This is the text of a handwritten letter I received at The St. Louis American last week. It came enclosed with a Western Union transfer for $1.


I was released from prison on 4-21-09. I was given The St. Louis American on 4-22-09 by a friend and am in love with your publication. My first exposure led me to seek out more issues of your paper. I was amazed to find out that your paper is free!

Upon being released from prison I was given $8.00. I have decided to donate one of the dollars to The St. Louis American. It is one of the best uses of a dollar that I could ever imagine!

In closing, keep doing what you do. I thank you in advance for your great work that will grace your future papers or publications. Thanks!!!

Donnell Malik Sims


Something like this makes up for a lot of the other things that going into editing a newspaper that makes enemies, sometimes powerful enemies, and sometimes dangerous ones.


Image from Convict Gaming.

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The Fête Society said...

that's a very inspiring story. I hope the young man stays out and does well.