Sunday, April 26, 2009

POTUS #41: George H.W. Bush by Enormous Richard

One of many surprises in Max Wallace and Ian Halperin's most recent investigative book about the death of Kurt Cobain is that Cobain's best man and best friend, Dylan Carlson, was a self-described Republican admirer of George Herbert Walker Bush.

Asked by Wallace and Halperin to give examples of how he differed from his dead friend, Carlson said, "Well, for one thing, I'm a Republican. I was a big fan of [the elder] George Bush; I liked what he stood for. Kurt couldn't stand him. He really liked Clinton."

In other instances of his questionable judgment, Carlson reportedly introduced Cobain to heroin and admittedly purchased the shotgun used to kill him.

Carlson always has insisted that Cobain was not suicidal, which is why he didn't hesitate to buy his gun-loving friend a gun. Read Wallace and Halperin's book Love & Death for why Cobain's other guns had been confiscated and how that fits into speculation that Cobain was set up to be murdered in a staged suicide.

Carlson's reported admiration for Bush #41 reminded me of the song I wrote and recorded with my first band Enormous Richard, "New World Order Man," which qualifies for my POTUS series of presidential portraits.

I am somewhat proud to have recorded evidence from back in 1991 of my name-checking Dick Cheney, then Bush #41's secretary of defense and nowhere near the household name (and emblem of evil) he would become as running mate and VP for Bush #43.

The lyrics are mostly clear and self-evident, except for the last line, which is garbled so I will spec it out here:

New World Order Man
He's as old as Eve and Adam

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"New World Order Man"
(Chris King, Richard Skubish)
Enormous Richard
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Dylan Carlson's band Earth has a MySpace page. Happy Earth Day!

Picture of Bush landing after parachuting at an advanced age by Associated Press.

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