Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Announcing: Local Indie Rock Schwag Swap Meet

Thomas Crone is onto something - and it's catching onto others of us.

It was Crone's idea to gather and share a history of local indie rock tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and Friday on KDHX Community Media, that's 88.1 FM on your dial in St. Louis and on your internet dial, which will keep alive an archive of the show for two weeks.

The call went out. The obscure local indie rock came in.

KDHX program board member and Schlafly grinder Brett Underwood's ears perked up. He had obscure local indie rockers The Lettuceheads on his calendar at The Schlafly Tap Room (21st and Locust) on Friday, January 9.

Brett tells the people to listen to The Lettuceheads on Crone's shows on Thursday and Friday, and then save the date for the Jan. 9 gig. This all makes me happy. And reminds me of something.

I used to muse about organizing a Local Indie Rock Schwag Swap Meet, where all those bands with a sleeve of shrinkwrapped CDs of a dead band in their basement could get together and trade stuff. This includes bands with a box of dead rock band T-shirts or scenesters with a stack of 'zines he or she spent more time writing than promoting.

I talked this up around town. Various old heads, Crone's included, said sure, I've got stuff and I'd do it.

So tonight I asked Brett and Crone about that Jan. 9 date at The Tap Room. How about a 6-9 p.m. happy hour back in The Eliot Room, where The Lettuceheads will hit at 9 p.m., devoted to my schwag fest? They said sure, and sure.

Save the date: Friday, Jan. 9, The Tap Room. Dig out the schwag. Tell the people. Details to come.


That's my drunken sketch of most of The Lettuceheads (Mike Burgett, Jon Ferber, Carl Pandolfi), signed by all three men, one recent night in Mike's garage, when I actually got to play with these amazing cats.


Anonymous said...

"Schwag" is sh*tty weed.

"Swag" is merchandise.

Lives in Washington DC said...

Oh my God... Something to do with my Stillwater t-shirts at last!!! :)

Confluence City said...

Swag, then - the mistake is funny, since we are talking about aging rockers, many of whom will have some knowledge of the other stuff, so I'll not revise the post.

Confluence City said...

7-9 p.m., not 6-9 p.m.

And bands that aren't dead are welcome to come swap.

People can try to sell rather than swap, but we'd prefer swap and ask a $5 celing on sale prices if you must sell.