Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brett reads Bukowski tonight at Day of Dead Beats

Thursday evening Brett Underwood gave a few of us a taste of what to expect from him tonight at Day of the Dead Beats. He is reading Bukowski, as he typically does, and which he did Thursday at his apartment on Botanical, as a break in a small group listening session to the long-awaited Fred Friction debut, which I have in a bootleg version from Fred himself.

I made some sketches of Brett reading his Bukowski, which as always contained surprises - he is so much larger than the myth he helped to create about himself - and of Brett taking smokes on the back porch to listens to the childreen play down the alley and to muse about his fellow man. Who can be a prick.

I'm also on the gig tonight at the Way Out, reading Kenneth Rexroth's translations of Japanese women poets. All the best stuff seems to be out sex or outright prostitution, but that's what you get when a Beat translated you I suppose.

Day of the Dead Beats goes down tonight (Saturday, Nov. 1) at The Way Out Club, 2525 S. Jefferson, starting at 8 p.m. with a $3 cover and a rock band at midnight.

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