Friday, November 28, 2008

Just not feeling as full of life this time around

My promised live blogging of Thomas Crone's Silver Tray show today would be impressive - for a dead person maybe. Guess I got sidetracked. Show's almost over.

The highlight for me thus far has been the track by The Imps, produced immaculately by Adam Long in his life before Broadway and before gangsta rap.

Uncle Tupelo's cover of "I Wanna Destroy You" isn't likely to be forgotten, but one can always hear that again. Wish I had a recording of them doing "Anarchy in the U.K." the night Enormous Richard opened for them at The Blue Note.

But I wasn't feeling a lot of this tracklist. A lot of it strikes me as a little more parochial and dated than the very high standards KDHX sets for rock music - in a way that the local show Crone did yesterday, standing in for Doug Morris, did not.

Still not thinking of turning it off. Happy Sweet Sixteen to Silver Tray. I hope all of the producers at KDHX are inspired to program locally.


Image by Crone from Croneckr.

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