Monday, November 3, 2008

The beautiful Obamas wow Springfield, Missouri

St. Louis American staff photojournalist Wiley Price was in Springfield, Missouri on Saturday for a campaign rally attended by Barack and Michelle Obama and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. These are some of my favorite pics.

Looks are by definition superficial, but what a beautiful family. As the father of a "mixed-race" (it all sounds so crude when you're talking about your own) child, I look forward to raising her in a country where these folks are on television all the time, talking about things that really matter.

(Well, I can wait a few years to hear from Malia and Sasha, but it will greatly help my brownskinned girl to see them playing on the White House lawn.)

If Obama directs the executive branch of the federal government to operate as efficiently and smoothly as he has directed his campaign, even the people voting against him (for whatever reason) will thank us later. Let's let the guy who used to teach constitutional law - and who has been a community organizer - run this thing for awhile.

As for the beautiful brown first family, I'll take it as a symbolic bonus of unimaginable power.

As for Obama's granny and the fact that she didn't live to see her greatgrandchildren do the White House thing, only tears.

p.s. Double click on the images to open a large file you can save or print. Credit Wiley Price, St. Louis American, if you do so.

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