Monday, June 1, 2009

Early Nirvana drummer was a radio gypsy child

Chad Channing's band Before Cars is releasing its debut record on June 12 in Seattle. After Jack Endino turned me onto this development - Chad was the drummer on the great Nirvana record Bleach, which Endino produced - I sold a little story to

I'll be riffing a bit on Chad, between now and June 12, based on our conversation for The Rolling Stone website piece. Here is more about Chad's early days.


Chad Channing:

I spent a lot of time growing up on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, but I was born in San Rosa, California, and we moved around a lot before we came to Washington – Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho.

My dad (Doug Channing) was a DJ, he worked at radio stations – News, Top 40, Country. Now retired. He and mother, Bernice Channing, both alive. Before we moved to Washington, he was at a Country station in Idaho, KLIX. He got a job offer at a new station, KBRO, in Bremerton (Washington).

News often pays a little better standard than Pop or Rock. So he would always go where the money was. Now shock jocks command serious dough. Back in the day, that was not the case. To raise a family as a DJ was not an easy task. He would always go where the better opportunity was.

The majority of my songwriting is inspired by 1970s music. My dad being a DJ, I heard all the hits, no matter what – Country, Pop, R&B, Rock – I heard it a million times. My mom always had on the radio because my dad was on it,


I thought it was interesting, given that Nirvana was the band that brought post-punk to the mainstream radio, that the bands foundational drummer grew up as a radio gypsy! Anybody want to add it to brother's weak Wikipedia site?


Pic from a Flickr. Chad is to the left.

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