Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jazz destroyers, juju masks, scavenged materials

This afternoon I had the good fortune to visit a couple of hours with my longtime soul brother George Davidson in Athens, Georgia. I spent some time taking pictures of his artwork and will be posting up images in sets. This is George's Jazz Destroyer sculpture.

This is a detail from Jazz Destroyer. George makes ample use of kitschy elements and is quite the flea market hound collecting materials.

This painting grew out of images he painted on the sides of one of his juju boxes. These are iconic images that George has been putting into his prints for decades. The wood this is painted on was part of a speaker.

Detail of an etched panel. Jazz instruments and Indians - very Dak. (One of George's artistic nom de plumes is "Dak Maverick".)

Juju mask from scavenged materials.

Sculpture from same. Love the minimalism here.

A little more eye candy and ornamentation to this guy.

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Colin said...

Love It- Great Stuff! Fun!