Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lullaby for Leyla Fern by Tom McDermott

When our daughter was born, my friend Tom McDermott got the news, along with everybody else with a pulse and a connection to my wife Karley or me.

Tom is a little different, though. He is a jazz composer and pianist based in New Orleans. He was kind enough to offer a song as a natal gift.

He composed a song for our daughter, Leyla Fern King. An early version of it, piano only, was titled "Lullaby for Leyla Fern".

He later added cellist Helen Gillet to the track and has now released their duet as "Leylas Lullaby" on the new Tom McDermott CD, New Orleans Duets.

Tom said I could share this song when his record was ready. Highly recommended!

Free mp3

"Leyla's Lullaby"
(Tom McDermott)

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